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Who are the DutchFlyGuys?

The DutchFlyGuys are frequent flyers, avgeeks & wanderlusters with years of experience in finding the best travel deals out there. At first we only searched for ourselves, friends an family. But it was, when we started tweeting about these ‘flight hacks’ on Twitter, that things started to grow rapidly. As of now we’ve accumulated more than 150K followers & subscriptions on social media and this number is growing every day.

The focus of our posts on Social Media have with time evolved into everything to do with travel domestic and abroad.

Advantages for advertisers

– Specific audience
– Big reach on several social media channels
– You keep a grip on your budget
– Market expertise

The numbers

We have a combined reach of more than 2.5 million post-views resulting in more than 50.000 unique clicks per month.

How to advertise on Dutchflyguys?

Send us your campaign materials and / or your written advertorial.
We’ll take care of the rest, it’s as easy as that.

So, what are the costs?

Banner on the DutchFlyGuys website.

Banner sizes:

The banner will be placed in our sidebar and will rotate place

Supported file formats: .jpg of .png (no animations)

Size: 300×300 pixels
€ 5,- per banner excl. VAT. per day

Size: 300×600 pixels
€ 10,- per banner excl. VAT. per day

Size: 300×900 pixels
€ 15,- per banner excl. VAT. per day

Minimum duration is 3 days, wich can be extended by day

Sponsord Sticky BlogPost

With our current reach of our Website, Twitter and Facebook profiles as wel as our newsletter we charge €25 per blogpost per day excl. VAT.
If you want to embed a video in your advertorial there is a surcharge of €10 excl. VAT per day.
Above that we will provide additional exposure by placing your video on our YouTube account free op charge.

Sticky Posts include 2 promotional tweets & 2 facebook posts.

Extra tweets are available, ask for the possibilities.

What do you say? Shall we get started?

Send us a mail with your your materials, branded content and video and tell us what you would like us to do and we’ll get cracking!

If you would like more information on a specific topic, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail via